Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Lost My Happy Thoughts

I'm having one of those down days when I just can't seem to perk up. On those days I just can't seem to get much of anything done. I try to work on writing an essay and I wind up staring at the page and maybe writing two words every five minutes. I'll put on water for tea and then I'll sit down, waiting for it to boil, and I'll completely forget about it because I'm staring into space and feeling miserable, tuning out everything else.
The best thing for me to do when I'm in one of these moods is to just try to be productive. I can take a walk, and that often helps. Today I continued to work on setting up my photography business, and to research some things I'll need to know in this business. Then I spent some time looking at art and design colleges in the states surrounding Kentucky (because Kentucky does not have any), and I found some that I had not looked into before. Now I am considering two colleges in Nashville, which would be great because the art scene there is incredible!
If I make myself get busy, the mood slowly but surely dissipates, and I am able to feel happier and more accomplished than I would have if I had moped around listening to depressing music all day like I wanted to. So today I am grateful for the advice that my parents give me. This was a lesson that I learned on my own, but my parents had told me many times that it would work. It's funny how the lessons that I most stubbornly refuse to learn turn out to be the ones most worth learning.

Dear Lord,
You often manifest yourself most clearly to me in my father and my mother. Thank You for the lessons that I learn through them, for they originated in You. I ask that You will give me the wisdom to listen well to my parents' advice, and that You will continue to bless my parents with the ability to give the advice that I need to hear.

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