Saturday, April 13, 2013

Focusing on the Good

I apologize for not posting for so long! Have you ever put something off for so long that you felt that it wouldn't hurt to put it off a little longer, and the next thing you know it's four months later and you haven't done the thing you had been putting off? That's what happened to me - alone with some medical issues.
Anyways, I'm back, with new photos and many new things to be thankful for!
Today I learned that I was not accepted into a three week long summer program for art students. It was my second and last chance to get in, and I was rejected again. I am finding ways to be grateful even for that, however. One of my sisters said that I'm just too awesome for the program to handle me. While I do not believe that is true, I certainly believe that God has a good reason for everything. He has a plan for me that was not going to work out if I was accepted into that program. I do not know what that plan is, but I know that there is no use sulking. Instead, I will focus on the good things that may come out of this!
One good thing is that I am looking forward to going to Masterpiece Ministries camp this summer. Last year I was also not accepted into the program that I applied to, so I searched for another, and found Masterpiece. I am so glad that I did! Masterpiece changed something in my heart, and I am much better for it. This year I will go again, and this time one of my little sisters will be going with me!
Another good thing is that my rejection letter actually spurred me to do something productive. I had created a page for my photography business last year after being hired to shoot a wedding, but I did not get any business at all. Now I am going to try harder than ever to promote my business. I need the practice, and I need the money, both for college and for a new camera.
I will also have three weeks more this summer to spend with my family and friends. I plan on documenting this time very well. I will carry my camera with me everywhere, because on the few occasions that I have not brought my camera on a trip, I wished that I had.

Dear Lord, thank you for reminding me today that not everything that I desire is what I need. Help me to remember that You know what is good for me, while I do not. Give me the wisdom to see You in all things, so that instead of seeing a something bad I will see Your will.

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