Monday, January 7, 2013


It is incredible how much a hug can say about a person. Some people give quick, one-armed hugs that do have the benefit of coming with a pat on the back, but are over so soon that you get no chance to enjoy it. Then there are people who come towards you with their arms outstretched, ready to pull you in tight, and then manage to linger even as they let go, grasping your hand or your arm for a moment before they reluctantly release you.
The hugs that I give depend on the level of my relationship with the person receiving them. My family receives long, lingering hugs. With my closest friends, I will hug them, let go for a moment, and then decide the first hug wasn't enough and will hug them again.
It also depends on my mood, though. I hug for longer when I am feeling strong emotions. When I am very sad, or very happy, I don't want to let go. Hugs are comforting and reassuring. It seems more obvious that someone is there for you when your arms are around them.

Lord, thank you for the comfort that I receive every time I embrace someone. Thank you for putting people in my life who do not mind when I hug them, and thank you especially for the people who give me hugs before I can even show that I want them.

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